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28, 황소 자리, Cali, colombia
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신장>< 5' [150센티미터]
무게100 - 120 파운드 [45 - 55 킬로그램]
언어스페인어, 영어
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I am a tender but naughty lady who love to meet new people and cultures; i wanna make u feel confortable and welcome, thats my perfection. Im also a huge animal lover, a martinis lover and an spicy food lover
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hello nice to meet you i am nina and i am very very naughty girl...
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I dont like rude mens and i dont like to be rushed on my show, i love to take my time so i can fully pleased ****** be kind with me and my room on the contrary i wont gonna let u in again♥if ur not interested on me, my life or my personality then dont pretend to be, i dont like fake guys.
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naughty time naughty time 1:07
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Tour of my body Tour of my body 1:03
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A Kitten Sucking And Drooling A Kitten Sucking And Drooling 8:28
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Fuck machine
Fuck machine
Help me to get a delicious fuck machine and fuck me so hard whit that
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22. 7. 3.
Definitely one of the good ones I have know for a while now. Very capable of putting on a wild show as she's not afraid to be herself online. She's cool, sexy, and has a sense of flair. That draws me to her as far as personality and her shows go.
22. 5. 25.
I wa***idding about my previous comment, i never asked for "armpit play" XD, but this woman is so fun. I'm glad that I met her.
22. 2. 16.
5 stars, she has the BEST armpits i have ever seen. I actually took a picture and i jerk off it it at least once every day.... So fucking incredible.... the musculature, the hairlessness and i can imagine the smell of roses through my screen.

Her armpit play is a definite 10/10
21. 10. 24.
An absolute treasure.